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Video Poems

This is a collection of poems that have been turned into videos (so far!) and can be found on youtube, or other sites.

Fishbone Hair

This is a poem I wrote and dedicated to my 10 year old niece, Bianca Lanki, who passed away from leukemia. It is a mourning piece for her, but also discusses the connections between our legacies of nuclear testing and our current issues with cancer.

For the full text of the poem you can visit here:


Two Degrees

This is a poem in which I discuss the importance of the number 1.5 degrees versus 2 degrees in relation to climate change. There’s no youtube video of this but you can visit this CNN website to watch the full video:


To read the full text click here:


Dear Matafele Peinam

This is a studio version of the poem I performed at the opening of the United Nations Climate Summit 2014, a letter dedicated to my daughter, discussing the climate movement.

For the full text:


Tell Them

This video was shot by Studio Revolt’s Masahiro Sugano,who I met through Linda Kwon (who’s father coincidentally works in the Marshall Islands!). I was very grateful to work with them – they’ve done and are working on a lot of amazing projects with Cambodian artists, poets, and activists. To find out more about their work here’s their website:


For the full text:


History Project

This video was shot by my homies at Fourth Branch, while I was passing through Hawaii on a work trip. Besides being in general awesome and fun peoples, Fourth Branch is an active, up and coming group of Micronesian youth using media to promote awareness on all things Micronesian. They’ve worked with everyone from Micronesian political leaders to sports stars and musicians. For more information, check them out at their website:


This is also History Project, but it was done in London during the Poetry Parnassus Festival. Each poet was asked to perform their poem, the one that got published in the World Anthology, in video format at the Poetry Library. We were also asked to hand write our poems for their records, and to sign our names on this fancy looking desk this fancy gold pen (lol).

History Project, Southbank Centre

For the full text:


Lessons from Hawai’i

Another awesome collaboration with The Fourth Branch! This is “Lessons From Hawaii” a poem that discusses racism against Micronesians in Hawaii.


For the full text:


8 thoughts on “Video Poems

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  4. My name is John Waller . I used to be proud of the U.S.A. Then I realized Patriotism is indeed ” A virtue of the Vicious ” . I,m sorry -Many of us did not know. As Kurt Vonnegut is rumored to have said – ” We were rolling Drunk on Petroleum ” . I have changed paths for three years now . I did well on that petroleum ,myself. Now – I am fighting everywhere .I know it is not enough -YET. I started a campaign-promotion on the Website below . I take no donations and simply ask that the World see through all eyes. With ,special visions witnessing the Oceans rising unto their own doorstep . Power on with godspeed. There are good people in the USA who care -almost in horror . These Good People are teaching the Blind -here . Please know that . Again – It may not mean anything .From my heart I apologize .It won,t only be with words . Hawaii – I saw 20 years ago-Maui- -The Marshall Islands – I will see and do all I can that everyone see. Be very well , John

    • Thank you for your comment John. I appreciate your words, and your support, and I’ll definitely check out your site. I think it’s brilliant that you’re trying to spread the word about petroleum – and trust me your work means a lot. I think you’re right, it seems that there are more and more people who are opening up to the idea that we can’t continue to use fossil fuels at the rate that we have been. Thank you and take care.

  5. I truly wish this world was different . I don,t know if this is the place you prefer for comments . I,m a pilot and a physicist . What has been set in motion goes way far beyond what anybody has ever seen or will see. I have to fight my own equations to find hope. I see the beginnings – and it really scares me. I am a fighter .Ms. Kathy – I believe you should plea to the world with the USA as prime target .If ,and horribly ,when We organize to find all of you a new home . There is no way to stop rising seas . God help me if my words are out of line. I know it is your Home .. I truly just don,t want to see something really bad – getting ever so worse.. John

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